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Know the major differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense
15 July 2019

Know the major differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense


Your familiarity with these two terms must not be new if you are in the internet marketing space. Yes, for any Online Marketer, Blogger, e-Comm Site Owner, understanding the difference between these two widely popular online advertising terms is of extreme importance.

AdWords & AdSense, both these terms have their common roots i.e. the search engine giant – Google. These two terms may sound synonymous to a rookie but in actuality they have vast differences.


What’s the difference between AdWords and AdSense?


AdSense Is for Website Publishers, AdWords Is for Businesses

The main difference between the two is that AdWords is used by advertisers and AdSense is used by publishers.

AdWords allows people to advertise on, Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Marketers use AdWords to drive targeted traffic to their website and convert traffic into sales. Advertisers pay Google a certain amount per ad click.

AdSense lets publishers monetize their websites or blogs by earning money from relevant ads displayed next to their content. If your site has enough readers, then AdSense can be a good and easy way to generate a revenue stream from your content.


Ease of setting up an account

It is very easy to set up an AdWords account. All you need to do is just create a Google account, sign into AdWords, and then set your time zone and currency preferences and you are all set to advertise your offers.

With AdSense, the registration process involves a few extra steps. You need to submit an application that includes details like Website URL, Website language, Account type (individual or business), personal details, etc. You must also agree to various AdSense policies.

Once you submit this information you can either decide to use an existing Google account for AdSense or create a new one to publish your ads.


Ad limit per page

On each of their pages AdSense publishers can only place three content ads, three link ads, and two search boxes (which when used deliver targeted text-based ads).

Meanwhile AdWords advertisers can only have one of their ads at a time delivered on Google, the Google Search Network, and the Google Display Network.


Payment expectations

AdWords advertisers can have a general idea of how much they’ll spend by setting maximum bid amounts for their keyword phrases.

But AdSense publishers earn what they earn. More specifically, they don’t control their ads’ cost per click or cost per impression values. Still, they can aim for more revenue by building websites devoted to a competitive industry and increasing their sites’ traffic.

Google’s AdWords and AdSense act as two complementary parts of Google’s advertising program:

One allows businesses to sign up and buy ads to be displayed by Google across the Web alongside relevant content.

The other lets Web publisher’s partner with Google to help spread that advertising by placing it on their pages for a share of the profit.

Google AdWords allows businesses to sign up and create an ad to be displayed by Google on relevant SERPs and content pages, and Google AdSense lets publishers work with Google to get those ads placed on their pages for a cut of the profit. Choose wisely which best caters your requirements and helps your revenue get a boost.


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